How to improve gk for banking 

​Tip 7

How to improve your general awareness for bank exams 

General awareness for banking generally have 3 sections

1. Current affairs

2. Banking awareness 

3. Static gk

For any exams just read 3 months current affairs and you can easily solve 90% of current affairs questions.

If you have time then go for last 6 months

But not more than this

It all up to you that you make notes of current affairs in separate register or just read current affairs.

Most important thing is give atleast 20 min daily for current affairs

And best source is bankersadda means adda247

Revise every week what did you studied in past one week.

Means study for mon to sun then revise all stuff on mon.
Now move on to banking awareness 

If you want study from book then go for kiran but it is very long book

If you have time then only study from kiran otherwise study from arihant

But whatever you read revise it

If you are geek of technology then I recommend you to open tubemate and download all 30 lectures of learning space and watch them. After that download 12 abbreviations videos of learning space and 15 videos of Q&A of learning space . in my opinion that’s enough

Give 30 min a day or 1 hour in 2 day for banking
Now move on to static gk

Try to find tricks on youtube, google, gradeup

Whatever you want but just find new tricks daily and understand them

But in my opinion try to make your own tricks if you not satisfied with others tricks.

Because if you will make your own tricks then you will always remember that particular trick.

Learn 5 tricks daily and you will able to do important static gk questions in just few months or a single month.

Spend time on static gk according to your knowledge.if you have good knowledge then do not study daily.

If you are beginner then give atleast 30 min to static gk too.

So that’s my strategy.

I gave double timing to all three because I need not to study math and res.

So if you good at other topics then skip those and give extra push to gk.

Do not lie on monthly capsules

Study daily.

I hope you liked it

So share this

Spread the knowledge.

You can ask any query personally.

I will answer you within 2 hours.



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