Largest and smallest in world 

41. Deepest man made point of World is TauTona Mine: This South African mine is the deepest point beneath the surface of the Earth in which a human could fit. It is nearly 4 km deep.
42. Coldest inhabited place of World is Oymyakon, Russia: Sometimes the temperature drops below freezing in mid September and stays there until May. The average temperature in January is -46 °C. The village has a population of less than 500 people.
43. Highest Road of World is Aucanquilcha mining road: This mining road was once used by trucks to climb this Chilean volcano to an altitude of over 6,000 meters.
44. Highest Mountain Pass of World is Marsimik La, India: Although the volcanic mountain road we just saw is technically the highest navigable road in the world, it is a dead end and is not used anymore. At 5,582 metres (18,314 ft) this pass in northern India is often considered to be the highest functional road in the world.
45. Longesr River of the World is: The Nile, Africa, 4,180 miles
46. Longesr Estuary of the World is: Ob River, Russia, 550 miles long, up to 50 miles wide
47. Highest Lake of World is Lake Titicaca: On the border of Peru and Bolivia in the Andes Mountains this lake is found at 3,812 meters. There are several possible unnamed crater lakes that may be slightly higher.
48. Most remote island of World is Bouvet Island: This uninhabited and small Norwegian island in the South Atlantic Ocean lies somewhere between Antarctica and Tristan de Cunha (which as you may recall is itself quite remote)
49. Longest River of World is Nile: In spite of the difficulties in precisely calculating the source and destination of various rivers, the Nile is typically accepted as the longest river in the world at 6,650 km. A long time ago, when water was still flowing out of Lake Tanganyika, the Nile was nearly 1500 km longer.
50. Point furthest from the ocean of World is Xinjiang, China: This region in China is the Asian pole of inaccessability. This basically means that it is the continent’s most distant point from any given ocean.


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