Largest and smallest in world 

31. Largest Ocean of the World is: Pacific Ocean, 60,060,700 square miles
32. Deepest cave of World is Krubera Cave: Found in Georgia this is the only known cave on Earth that is deeper than 2,000 meters.
33. Largest vertical drop of World is Mount Thor: Located in Canada, Mount Thor has a vertical drop of 1,250 meters and despite its extremely remote location in the frozen tundra of Canada’s northern provinces, it is a popular rock climbing destination.
33. Hottest Inhabited Place of World is Dallol, Ethiopia: The hottest constantly inhabited region in the world is in Ethiopia. These days though, Dallol has become even more sparsely populated and some would even say it has become a ghost town. There has been no recent official census, however, so the record still stands.
34. Northern most point of land on Earth of World is Kaffeklubben Island: Belonging to Greenland, this island is officially considered the northernmost point of land on Earth. There are, however, several shifting gravel bars that lie further to the north.
35. Coldest temperature of World is Vostok Station, Antarctica: At -128.6°F or -89.2°C this temperature was measured in East Antarctica and apart from some newer satellite measurements is still considered the lowest ground based temperature on record.
36. Largest Island of the World is: Greenland, 839,999 square miles
37. Larget Lagoon of the World is: Lagoa dos Patos, Brazil, 150 miles long, 4,500 square miles
38. Largest Waterfall of the World is: Angel Falls, Venezuela, 3,212 feet high
39. Deepest Ice of World is Bentley Subglacial Trench: Also found in Antarctica, the ice here is over 2.5 km deep. In fact, the land it is resting on is far below sea level and is the lowest point on Earth not covered by ocean.
40. Deepest point measured from ground level of World is Kola Super Deep Borehole: Although it is artificially created, this Russian science project attempted to drill as far as possible into the Earth’s crust. The drill reached over 12 km.


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