Important books author 2015_2016

Famous Books and Authors 2015-16

=> Anything but Khamosh, Shatrughan Sinha Biography – Bharathi S Pradhan
=> Go Set a Watchman – Harper Lee
=> The Scatter Here Is Too Great – Bilal Tanweer
=> Two Years Eight Months and Twenty – Eight Nights
=> The Red Sari – Javier Moro
=> Neither a Hawk nor a Dove – Khurshid M Kasuri
=> Faces and Places – Prof Deepak Nayyar
=> Editor Unplugged : Media, Magnates, Netas and Me – Vinod Mehta
=> Indian Parliamentary Diplomacy : Speaker’s Perspective – Meira Kumar
=> Farishta – Kapil Isapuri
=> Super Economies – Raghav Bahl
=> China : Confucius in the Shadows – Poonam Surie
=> Delhi to Islamabad – Bhim Singh
=> Kiran Bedi : Kaise Bani Top Cop (Comic Book) – Kiran Bedi
=> The Narrow Road to the Deep North – Richard Flanagan
=> Family Life – Akhil Sharma
=> Go Set a Watchman – Harper Lee
=> God’s Bankers: A History of Money and Power at the Vatican – Gerald Posner
=> Fragile Frontiers: The Secret History of Mumbai Terror Attacks – Saroj Kumar Rath
=> Lucknow Boy: A Memoir – Late Vinod Mehta
=> Flood of Fire – Amitav Ghosh
=> Ahmedabad : A city in the world – Amrita Shah


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